What is Gizmo?

It used to be that the only way to manage your gaming center was to operate as many as three separate management software together. Not anymore! With Gizmo POS/PC Management Suite, you can easily reduce costs, simplify operating procedures, accelerate employee training, and so much more!

Gizmo is a unique Point-Of-Sale and PC management software for shared/public access computer providers such as gaming centers, eSports arenas, libraries, hotels, Internet cafés etc.

Why Gizmo?

Our team spent years developing the first truly management suite in the industry, designed to deliver the best customer experience and provide you with the most effective, efficient way to manage your business.

Our powerful, state of the art technology integrates seamlessly with any gaming management infrastructure already in place and adds all the necessary features for you to service your end users in the easiest, fastest way possible.

Gizmo is revolutionizing the industry with this easy-to-use software. Join the hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world that are already using Gizmo with their gaming businesses today!


POS (Point of sale)

  • Configurable Product Types
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Billing & Credit Options


App management

  • Unified Apps
  • App Profiles
  • App Deployment


Remote management

  • Ease of Management
  • File Management
  • Process Management



  • Computer Security
  • Secured License Key Distribution
  • Security Event Logging



  • Modern Client Interface with Dynamic Content
  • Dynamic Game Installation
  • Customer Convenience (Personal files)



  • Sales & Income Reporting
  • Product Performance
  • Employee Performance & Shift Reporting


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