Gizmo provides you real-time, detailed reports for all the major activities or events that occur in to your business, such as:

Sales & Income Reporting

Instantly gain better insight into how your store is performing based on economic factors. Compare this year’s sales to last, anticipate when sales might slow down or speed up throughout the year, and stay up to date and organized with income reports.

Product Performance

Don’t rely on a hunch or gut feeling! Be fully aware of your product’s performance and decide whether to restock or repeal based on profitability.

Employee Performance & Shift Reporting

Know who’s working for you and who’s not. Track employee performance and profitability based on the number of shifts reported during a certain period.

Build a Community

Monitor and record application usage statistics for any installed application/game. When using Gizmo, your customers are able to check out what other customers like the most, as well as which games or apps are trending at the moment!


Stock Reporting

Get up to the minute information about the usage and profitability of your products and manage your stock better by knowing ahead of time whether a shortage might occur.

Licensee Accounts Usage

Know which customers use certain licensee accounts and monitor the duration of use to prevent unauthorized account purchases.

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