Modern Client Interface with Dynamic Content

Superior client service starts with Gizmo. A modern interface lets clients customize with their own skins and supporting a range of multimedia tools. Now, your clients can easily access user ratings, top applications, most used applications, app search, and new additions.

What’s more, clients will be provided with personal disk space to recover saved data even faster.

Dynamic Game Installation

Deploy your applications live or manually, while distributing your application and/or game licenses dynamically. Gizmo supports popular game distribution networks such as Steam, Origin, Uplay, and others. Secure and protect your application license keys with our custom license management plugins.



Your best customers are engaged customers. With Gizmo, you can sync your RSS feed and keep you customers up-to-date with the latest in store news and special promotions.

CCBoot and Diskless support

Leverage from full support for CCBoot and similar diskless booting solution.

For more info visit CCBoot


Customer Convenience (Personal files)

Gizmo automatically (or, on-demand) saves and restores customer application data or game-specific files so your customers have peace of mind always.

For even greater customer satisfaction, you can also offer secure storage to select customers with a specific storage quota and roaming support.

Client Security Policies

Easily create, modify, or delete client security policies and apply security restrictions based on a particular customer or computer group.

App Group Restrictions

Limit access to applications from specific customers based on a specific customer or computer group. Set the limits you desire for as long as you need with Gizmo.

Age Rating

Make sure your programs are being used by their target audience and not children, if it’s inappropriate for them. With Gizmo, you can deny access to R-rated applications to underage customers at your discretion.

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