Point of sale (POS)

Configurable Products Types

Take control and manage your products according to your specific business requirements. Whether it’s a simple or time-based sale, your product and product bundles are fully supported with our easy-to- use software.

With better product organization and management, you can implement multiple sales strategies at once and improve results.

Multiple Payment Options

Make it easier for your customers to pay.

Gizmo is fully integrated for use with barcode and NFC scanners, and supports all standard methods of payment. Plus, it allows for custom payment methods, such as a split payment option, a “Pay Later” option, and even an option to pay with loyalty points.

Billing & Credit Options

Create fully-customizable billing profiles and manage all your customer’s billing and credit options at a glance.

You can choose between simple or complex rates, and set limits on individuals or groups, as needed. You can even switch to alternative rates during peak hours or off-peak hours. Need to set up fees, minimums, or minutes? Gizmo does that, too!


Manage multiple promotions for your products, allow customers to pay using their loyalty points and select specific time periods or customer groups for promotions at the touch of a button.

Hardware Support

Rest assured your business hardware will always be supported by Gizmo. Our program is compatible with a wide range of POS hardware devices, such as barcode scanners, cash drawers, and printers.


Asset Management

Keep costs down by tracking valuable assets like headsets, special keyboards, and other accessories that boost your business. Track who’s using your asset, for how long, and what condition it’s in before and after use.

Stock Control

Stay ahead of the game and on top of your business with real-time notifications about your stock availability. With Gizmo, you’re in control and there’s no need to second-guess.

Product Groups

Just like you can group customers together, Gizmo lets you group products together in order to manage them more effectively. Now, it’s easier than ever to manage reports and track your inventory.

Time-based Sales

Create custom time-based sales where you set the parameters, including specific times and dates. You can also configure sale expiration dates based on the date of first-time use, the purchase date, or calendar date.

Sale restrictions

Besides time-based restrictions, you can also limit products or sales by customer group or expiration date. Perfect for managing seasonal promotions and sales!

User Profiles

Fully customize and easily identify customers with detailed user profiles, including a customer photo, extended user information (e.g. user ID or Skype information), and even an in-store account to deposit and pay for purchases.

You can also add RFID smart card information to easily track customers using your RFID tagged assets.


POS Interface

Employee-centric, touch-friendly POS interface with quick access features. Your team will love the look, feel, and intuitive design of Gizmo! And, you’ll love how easy it is to manage!

Loyalty Rewards

How do you retain your customers and give them the best user experience on the market? Reward loyal customers based on their purchases or billed time with Gizmo’s points reward system. If you don’t have one, create one now with Gizmo.

Managing your rewards system and applying loyalty rewards credit to purchases has never been easier.

Sales Tax

Adding sales tax and applying multiple tax rates to a sale can be cumbersome. Get it right the first time with Gizmo. Apply sales tax by state and add other applicable rates at your discretion.

Employee Security

Have you noticed unusual employee behavior? Track and audit employee actions quickly to find inconsistencies or faults at play. Don’t wait until it’s too late! With Gizmo, you can ensure that your business is running smoothly 100% of the time.

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